Everpure MR-225 GPD RO BW Filter

Everpure MR-225 GPD RO BW Filter


The Everpure EV962703 MR-225 is a replacement filter cartridge which reduces minerals in the water supply.


- Coffee
- Espresso
- Reconstitution
- Ice
- Flash and Conventional Steamers
- Combi Ovens
- Multiple Applications


The Everpure EV962703 MR-225
filter cartridge reduces mineral content in the water supply for high total dissolved solids (TDS) water. This reduction in TDS makes water less likely to be undesirable in taste in beverages, sauces, soups, and other food products. Useful for steamers, warmers, and steam boilers, the EV962703 MR-225 improves equipment life and helps heating surfaces to maintain peak efficiency.

This filter features sanitary cartridge replacement, where no internal filter parts are ever exposed to handling or contamination. It also reduces the build-up of lime scale.

- Dimensions: 43.1 cm x 8.3 cm
- Capacity: 851 litres per day
- Pressure: 40-100 psi
- Temperature: 2-38 degree Celsius
- NSF Certified

Installation Tips:

- Install vertically with cartridges hanging down
- Use piping materials suitable for high-purity water
- Proper pre-treatment is required to control MR cartridge scale formation
- Allow 7cm clearance for easy cartridge replacement
- Change filter cartridges every 24 months or when capacity is reached
- Always flush the cartridge at installation and at every cartridge change

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Everpure MR-225 GPD RO BW Filter
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