Westinghouse Fridge Filter - WF2CB-2

Westinghouse Fridge Filter - WF2CB-2


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The WF2CB-2 Westinghouse Fridge Filter cartridge is a quality replacement filter for Westinghouse and Electrolux fridges that take a double cannister filter. This filter cartridge fits refrigerators with a slide-out filter cartridge located in the front of the refrigerator compartment, the side of door, or the bottom of fridge. The WF2CB-2 is designed for use in model numbers: WSE6100W, WSE6100S, WSE6070W, WSE6070S, WSE607SA1 and WSE6070SA.

Which Westinghouse fridge water filters can be replaced by the WF2CB-2?

Occasionally this filter is referred to as the Puresource2 fridge filter, and the following can be swapped out with this filter: 

WF2CB, 04609911000, 04609916000, 218732308, 218732309, 218732309A, 218732309B, 218732309C, 218732309D, 218732309E, 218732309F, 218732309G, 218732310, 240396401, 240396402, 240396403, 240396404, 240396405, 240396406, 240396701, 240508034, 241527301, 241968501, 241968503, 4609911000, 69625-ct-001, 76080000, AP2538969, FC-100, FC100, MB-100, MB100, MBFC-2003, MBFC2003, NGFC-2000, NGFC2000, PS503621, PS898865, PureSource2, SWF2CB, WF2MB, WP2CBMB.
FC-100, WF2CB,240396407K, Frigidaire Puresource 2 

What makes having a Westingouse Fridge Filter so beneficial?

The WF2CB-2 Fridge Filter removes the following impurities from your drinking water:

Over 99% of lead, 91% of mercury, over 99% of cysts, 96-98% of 87-92% of herbicides,insecticides, over 98% chlorine and over 98% of particles of rust, dirt, sand and sediment (5 to 15 microns in size).  It is also reported to improve the clarity of the water by over 99%!  The WF2CB does not remove beneficial Fluoride.
Overall, it provides better tasting and smelling water with improved clarity.

Changing the filter regularly in your ice/water refrigerator also reduces the build-up of scale in your ice-making mechanism thereby reducing the need for costly services.  The WF2CB cartridge is tested against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 to give you a quality replacement product and peace of mind.  

How long should my Westinghouse Fridge Water Filter last?

Refrigerator manufacturers strongly recommend that fridge water filters be replaced at least every 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on. However, if you notice the clarity or taste of your water changing, that's the best indication that it's time for to swap out the old filter.  A routine 6 month change-out cycle ensures that your water stays fresh and your refrigerator's ice and water mechanisms are protected from corrosion.

Technical specifications:

  • Flow Rate - 0.5 gpm/1.9 lpm
  • Operating Temperature - 0.6C - 38C (33 - 100F)
  • Operating Pressure - min 30 psi (207 kPa) / max 100 psi (689 kPa)
  • Technology High quality Carbon Block Filter 
  • Function Chemical and Mechanical Reduction
  • Capacity 1,514 litres (400 gallons)
  • Service Life 6 months
  • Dimensions - length 17.15cm (6 3/4") x width 13.3cm (5 1/4") x height 5.7cm (2 1/4")

How do I install my new water filter?

  • Press the button to the right of the filter to release it
  • Pull the old filter straight out and discard (don't worry, the water will shut off automatically)
  • Push the new filter straight in until it "clicks" into place
  • Reset your "change filter" light (if your fridge has one)

Resetting your "change filter" light:

Press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds).

Westinghouse Fridge Filter - WF2CB-2
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