Flair Espresso Maker Signature Pro Black - Single

Flair Espresso Maker Signature Pro Black - Single


The Flair Signature PRO is the new addition to the Flair Espresso family. The PRO range comes in either Matte Black or Chrome, and features an integrated pressure gauge, a premium bottomless portafilter, an upgraded plunger, brew head, and a stainless steel, two-piece drip tray. With the Flair Signature PRO, users can create their perfect espresso profile and enjoy a more premium at-home espresso experience.

Made from quality stainless steel and premium grade aluminium, the Flair Espresso Maker is made to last and has no electronic parts to break or fail. Simple to use, easy to clean, and quick to dismantle, the Flair is a fantastic option for brewing quality espresso at home.

Features & Specifications:

- Weight: 7 lbs (3.18kg)
- Case Dimensions: 32cm x 23cm x 8cm
- Elegant, portable, and durable
- Easy to clean, quick to assemble/disassemble
- Easy to store and transport
- Provides up to 8-12 bars of pressure, creating a full-bodied espresso
- Portafilter capacity: 16-22 grams
- Extraction volume: approx. 45 mL
- Detachable stainless steel portafilter for easy pre-heating and cleaning
- Carry case included


- Base
- Post & Lever with Copper Portafilter Base
- Stainless Steel Portafilter with Screen
- Stainless Steel Brew Cylinder with Plunger
- Preheat and Tamping Cap
- Stem with Pressure Gauge
- Dosing Cup
- Funnel
- Two-Piece Stainless Steel Drip Tray and Branded Polishing Pouch
- Stainless Steel Tamper
- Carrying Case
- Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently
- Brewing Guide

Please note: For the best results, it is recommended to replace the Shower Screen every 3 months or so. Please click here to purchase a replacement set.

Click here to view and download the Spec Sheet for this product.

LEARN | Troubleshooting Tips for the Flair Bottomless Portafilter

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Flair Espresso Maker Signature Pro Black - Single
Item Code 691034822357
Cubic Weight 3.50 kg

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