Glisten Rinse Aid

Glisten Rinse Aid


Glisten rinse aid is made for commercial or domestic dishwashing machines, and can also be used as a Combi oven rinse aid.  Glisten is injected during the rinse cycle to sheet water from crockery and cutlery, or oven walls.  Provides a sparkling finish. 

Features and Benefits:

Contains a blend of low-foaming wetting agents to make the water sheet off evenly. Special scale control agents prevent scale buildup in the rinse jets to ensure effective rinsing. 

Directions for Use:

Glisten can be used for commercial or domestic applications.  For commercial dishwashers, it is dispensed by automatic feeding equipment.  Simply change drums when empty.

For domestic use simply fill the rinse aid dispenser. 

Combi ovens are normally fitted with inbuilt pumps to dispense the rinse aid.  Simply connect drum to pick up tube. 

Technical Data:

Glisten contains low foaming biodegradable detergents.  It is mildly acidic with a pH of 3.9.  It is low foaming at temperatures above 40C. Glisten is dispensed at a rate of 2-3 ml/cycle.

Click here to see the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product. 

Glisten Rinse Aid
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