Gorilla Oven Cleaner

Gorilla Oven Cleaner


Gorilla is a non-caustic oven cleaner designed for cleaning ovens, grills, barbeques and sandwich presses.

Features and Benefits:

Gorilla contains special alkali stable thickeners to give good contact time on vertical surfaces for enhanced cleaning.  It also contains corrosion inhibitors making it safe to use on aluminium barbeque plates or sandwich presses. 

Directions for Use:

Use Gorilla in an undiluted form and spray over surface of warm oven or barbeque plate.  Do not use on surfaces over 80C as it will boil off.  Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes, then rinse or wipe off with a wet cloth.  Additional soaking time may be required for heavily soiled surfaces.

All food contact surfaces must be well-rinsed with potable water after cleaning.  Do not spray over polished aluminium, paintwork or electrical wires. 

Technical Data:

Gorilla is based on ethanolamine to give excellent removal of baked-on deposits, as well as a blend of biodegradable detergents and solvents, including an orange oil solvent.  It has a pH of 12.0 in its undiluted form. 

Click here to see the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product. 

Gorilla Oven Cleaner
Item Code 26898
Cubic Weight 5.00 kg

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