Hario Cold Brew Filter Bottle - Red

Hario Cold Brew Filter Bottle - Red


This glass filter in a bottle allows you to create all sorts of cold-brewed sensations. Just add 750ml of cold-filtered water to your favourite tea leaves, fruit or herbs to create a healthy and rehydrating beverage. The cold brew filter takes the bitterness out, allowing you to rehydrate and cool down.  Just add tea leaves and/or fruit or other flavourings to the water, replace the removable bottle spout (filter) and refrigerate.  Then enjoy your creation in a matter of 3-6 hours! .  Available in red or olive green.

The rubber pour spout is made of silicone and the filter is made of polypropylene. 

Dimensions: 87mm (W) x 84mm (D) x 300mm (H)


 Check out the instructional video.

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