Hario Ka-Ku Bottle for Cold Brew Tea - White

Hario Ka-Ku Bottle for Cold Brew Tea - White


The Hario Ka-Ku Bottle has been designed for cold brew tea, with a functional square shape to fit neatly in any refrigerator door or on its side on a shelf.

Simply add 24g of tea leaves to the bottle, fill with 1200ml of water, place rubber seal on to the plastic filter, attach the filter to the bottle top, and screw the bottle top onto the bottle. Attach the bottle cap and the tea to brew in the fridge for 3-6 hours.

Colour: White
Size: W90 x D90 x H320mm
Capacity: 1200ml
Bottle: Plastic
Mesh Filter: Polypropylene
Bottle Top/Seal: Silicone Rubber

BPA-Free. Dishwasher Safe.

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Hario Ka-Ku Bottle for Cold Brew Tea - White
Item Code KAB-120-W
Cubic Weight 0.40 kg

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