Hario Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer

Hario Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer


The Shizuku Cold Drip Brewer from Hario allows anyone to make the same cold drip coffee you get from your local cafe. The easy to set up unit requires no drip speed adjustments, brew time relies on the particle size of the coffee grinds. The finer you grind, the longer it takes for the water to pass through the coffee and the stronger the extraction will be.

This stylish, slim line unit allows you to set up the coffee and water ratio and then simply put it in your fridge door and let it drip away! After 1-2 hours brewing it will be complete and ready for you to drink.

Check out Hario Australia's article on the Shizuku, here.

Dimensions: (W) 116 x (D) 116 x (H) 356mm


- Adjustment-free drip mechanism

- Easy to use

- Great for domestic and commercial applications

- 600ml capacity

- Dishwasher safe

- Includes 50pk of paper filters to get you started


Check out the instructional video:

Hario Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer
Item Code SBS-5B
Cubic Weight 2.00 kg