LG Fridge Filter - M7251253FR-06-2

LG Fridge Filter - M7251253FR-06-2


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Suitable for: The M7251253FR-06-2 fits LG refrigerators and any inline application that uses the M7251253F-06 or M7251242F-06 water filter system. The M7251253FR-06 fridge filter is also compatible with the M7251242FR-06, M7251252FR-06, M7251253-06, M7251253F-06 and M725123F-06. Suitable for LG fridge model numbers GR-L247STSL, GR-P247STL and GR-P247STSL.

This filter replaces: the ADQ32617703 and the ADQ32617701.

About the M7251253FR-06-2: Eliminates harmful chemicals and provides better tasting water. This filter does not remove fluoride. This filter adheres to NSF Standards . It is mounted on the inside ceiling of the fridge and utilises a twist and lock design which ensures simple installation with no water tube bending. It also has a patented auto shut-off valve head.

This filter is designed with a full flow filter head design for perfect fit to:
- Under sinks
- External refrigerators
- Household coffee/ice machines
- RV/Marine Water Systems

Filter life: Refrigerator manufacturers recommend that fridge filters be replaced every 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on.

Micron Rating: 1 Micron

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LG Fridge Filter - M7251253FR-06-2
Item Code M7251253FR-06-2
Cubic Weight 0.50 kg

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