Milk PitcherAzure Teflon 350ml - Joe Frex

Milk PitcherAzure Teflon 350ml - Joe Frex


The tapered spout makes these pitchers ideal for performing latte art.

The white Teflon style coating makes them easy to keep clean!  Also available in white or red. 

Use with love: Sharp or coarse metal objects like steam wands/milk thermometers and clips may scratch the Teflon coating (like a frypan). We suggest using a stick-on thermometer like the Temptag!

Height: 3.75" (10cm)
Mouth: 2.63" (7cm)
Bottom: 2.75" (7cm)
Circumference at bell: 9.88"  (25cm)

Stainless steel

Suggested thermometer length: 5" (14cm) - short