Mini Keg 5L for Cold Brew Coffee Storage

Mini Keg 5L for Cold Brew Coffee Storage


The 5L Mini Keg is a conveniently-shaped, compact keg that isperfect for storing your freshly brewed cold brew coffee. Pair this mini kegwith a nitro coffee dispensing system and increase your coffee beverage salesin your cafe, restaurant, or bar. The 5L Mini Keg fits into most standard domesticfridges, is super portable, and is fully food-safe.

Included with this keg is a tapping head, which includes quick-disconnectfittings and a silicone dip tube so you can dispense your cold brew whether thekeg is full or almost empty.


- Perfect for storing cold brew before nitro dispensing
- Fits into most standard domestic fridges
- Food-safe stainless steel
- Keg body welded from the inside-out to ensure a superior welding finish thatis more sanitary than other mini kegs available on the market.


- Dimensions: 175mm x 280mm
- Material: Rust-resistant stainless steel
- Capacity: 5 Litres
- Thread: 1"
- Flexible, silicone dip tube
- Please note: The keg must be in an upright position when dispensing.

Included Parts:

- 1 x Mini Keg 5L
- 1 x Ball Lock Tapping Head with Silicone Dip Tube
- 1 x Ball Lock Disconnect MFL Grey
- 1 x 3/8" Push-Fit to Female Thread Fitting
- 1 x 5/16" Push-Fit to Female Thread Fitting
- 1 x 0.2 Micron Air Filter Air Locker
- 1 x 5/16" 40mm Air Hose

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Mini Keg 5L for Cold Brew Coffee Storage
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