Nitro Coffee System w/ FREE 5L Keg and Toddy Commercial

Nitro Coffee System w/ FREE 5L Keg and Toddy Commercial


Purchase a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System & receive a 5L Keg and a Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System FREE

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System

Perfect for summer, the Nitro Cold Brew System is a ready-to-use dispenser which nitrogenises and dispenses cold brew coffee without the need for additional tanks. This patented delivery system filters nitrogen from atmospheric air and adds it to your batch of cold brew under high pressure to create a smooth, creamy, ice-cold nitro brew!

The system draws the cold brew coffee from a separate container through a tube, cools it within the dispenser's cooling block, injects it with filtered and compressed air, blends the nitrogen gas and the cold brew liquid together, and dispenses the nitrogenised cold brew.

Just like a beer, all you need to do is to place your glass underneath the nozzle and pull the handle down to dispense a creamy, smooth-tasting nitro brew coffee!


- No need for bulky nitrogen tanks
- Slimline design to fit neatly on your bench
- Ready to use in a few minutes
- Draws from any container of cold brew coffee
- Adjustable gas levels
- Adjustable temperature control
- Low service and maintenance requirements
- Easy to use, move, and clean

Technical Specifications:

- Power Supply: 230V/50Hz, 10A
- Stainless Steel unit
- Dimensions: 40.5cm (D) x 32.5cm (H) x 17cm (W) plus 14.5cm (D) for the drip tray and 19cm (H) for the handle
- Weight: 18.5kg
- Flow rate: either 0.6L/min or 1.2L/min (choice of flow rate disc)
- Maximum cooling power: 5C (+/- 1C)
- Liquid volume in dispenser: 500ml
- Power cord: 1.5m length
- Hose: 1.5m length
- Made in Germany
- 12 Months Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

5L Mini Keg for Cold Brew Coffee Storage

The 5L Mini Keg is a conveniently-shaped, compact keg that is perfect for storing your freshly brewed cold brew coffee. Pair this mini keg with a nitro coffee dispensing system and increase your coffee beverage sales in your cafe, restaurant, or bar. The 5L Mini Keg fits into most standard domestic fridges, is super portable, and is fully food-safe.

Included with this keg is a tapping head, which includes quick-disconnect fittings and a silicone dip tube so you can dispense your cold brew whether the keg is full or almost empty.


- Perfect for storing cold brew before nitro dispensing
- Fits into most standard domestic fridges
- Food-safe stainless steel
- Keg body welded from the inside-out to ensure a superior welding finish thatis more sanitary than other mini kegs available on the market.


- Dimensions: 175mm x 280mm
- Material: Rust-resistant stainless steel
- Capacity: 5 Litres
- Thread: 1"
- Flexible, silicone dip tube
- Please note: The keg must be in an upright position when dispensing.

Included Parts:

- 1 x Mini Keg 5L
- 1 x Ball Lock Tapping Head with Silicone Dip Tube
- 1 x Ball Lock Disconnect MFL Grey
- 1 x 3/8" Push-Fit to Female Thread Fitting
- 1 x 5/16" Push-Fit to Female Thread Fitting
- 1 x 0.2 Micron Air Filter Air Locker
- 1 x 5/16" 40mm Air Hose

Toddy Commerical Brew System (with Lift)

The Toddy Commercial System uses an engineered and patented cold water brewing process to produce outstanding cold brew coffee and tea. The end product is smooth, yet full-bodied, and aromatic. Many leading coffee shops are using this method because of the superior results. This non-electric brewer claim has the ability to brew a low acid coffee - approximately 67% less acid than traditionally brewed coffees. Many coffee afficionados prefer this for a naturally sweet tasting cold coffee, chai, or tea beverage. Perfect served over ice, or as an iced latte, or frozen drink.

Also included in this bundle is the new Toddy Lift. The Lift makes it even easier to brew a batch of coffee in your Toddy system. With no squeezing required, the Lift increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch. Simply place the Lift feet down at the bottom of the brew bucket, and add your filter bag, coffee, and water.


- Toddy Commercial Brew bucket
- Lid
- Spigot (Tap)
- Toddy Lift

Please note: The new commercial configuration above does not include paper filters which are required to brew.


1. Insert the Lift into your Toddy Commercial Brew System feet down, making sure not to obstruct the spigot.
2. Using the Lift as a shelf, insert a filter bag, and add your favourite ground coffee and water to brew.
3. When you have finished brewing, decant the concentrate through the spigot into airtight containers.
4. Close the spigot and let the grounds sit for another 15-30 minutes. Coffee concentrate will continue to flow from the elevated grounds sitting on top of the Lift, into the bottom of the brewing container.
5. Decant the rest of the concentrate and clean your Toddy as per usual.

Nitro Coffee System w/ FREE 5L Keg and Toddy Commercial
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