Nitro Infuser

Nitro Infuser


The Nitro Infuser empowers kegerators to produce delicious, cold, nitro-infused cold brew coffee. The Nitro Infuser uses a four-stage infusion process to create a consistent pour every time, without the need to shake the keg.


- Quick installation
- Nitrogenates at the tap, with no need to pre-charge the keg
- No need to shake the keg
- Consistent, repeatable pour
- Fast pour speed
- Customisable for your cafe, bar, or restaurant


- Multiple-vortex nitrogen mixing chambers
- 4-stage nitrogen infusion system
- Nitrogen cascades up to 10 times longer (than standard systems)
- Nitrogen suspends up to 5 times longer (than standard systems)
- Standard operation 30-40 psi (rated to 90 psi)
- Adjustable nitrogen infusion control
- Quickly installs on tap line between the keg and the tap

Downloads and Links:

Product Manual 
- Installation Instructions
- Sell Sheet 
- Defining the Perfect Nitro Pour Article by Shelby Van Slooten of Enhanced Beverage Solutions
- The Importance of Food-Grade Nitrogen in Delivering a Perfect Pour Article by Shelby Van Slooten of Enhanced Beverage Solutions

Customer Tesimonial:
"The Nitro Infuser was super simple to install and the instructions were easy to follow. If you already have a cold brew keg system installed, then installing the Nitro Infuser will be easy. We have tried making nitro-infused cold brew in the past, but we found you would have to shake the keg every few hours just to keep the cold brew infused - this just wasn't practical with 20+ kilo kegs. With the Nitro Infuser, the cold brew gets infused with the nitrogen gas just before it is dispensed into the glass so there is no need to shake the kegs of cold brew. The product produced is very consistent and you can easily adjust the amount of nitrogen that is infused into the product. I would recommend the Nitro Infuser to anyone that wants consistent and easy nitro cold brew coffee!" - Dean, Head Technician, Crema Coffee Garage