Nitro NV2PX Beverage Dispenser

Nitro NV2PX Beverage Dispenser


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Nitro brew coffee has never been easier with the Nitro V2PX series from Brood. This system draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag-in-a-box, chills it and infuses the coffee with nitrogen. This nitrogen has been extracted from the air, meaning that no nitrogen tanks are required.

Unlike traditional Nitro Kegerators, the Nitro V2PX is compact, portable, and easy to transport. As it does not rely on a supply on nitrogen via a tank, the V2PX produces unlimited nitro coffee for as long as you need it (or until your coffee supply is depleted), without the hassle of replacing tanks or monitoring pressure regulators.

With the Nitro V2PX series systems, you can pour a drink of nitro coffee in less than 7 seconds with complete consistency and with the creamy, smooth mouthfeel that you love from nitro-infused beverages. Expand your coffee menu with the V2PX machine and experience the on-demand, low-wastage convenience of nitro coffee.

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- Consistency with every pour
- Cools down to 2 degrees Celsius
- Low maintenance
- Plug & Play: setup the system in 2 minutes and you're ready to serve nitro
- Adjustable temperature
- Adjustable nitrogen levels


- Power: 230V/50Hz; 1.8A
- Dimensions: 290mm x 345mm x 530mm
- Dispensing Capacity: 36 L/Hour
- Internal Tubing Capacity: 750ml
- Coffee Temperature at Tap: 2C (+/-1C)
- Pressure at Tap: 34 psi
- Weight: 24kg
- NSF and ETL Certified
- Warranty: 12 Months
- Filters air to 1 Micron


Cleaning the Nitro V2PX is easy:

Daily - After use each day, fill a container with 1 litre of water and pull the tap to draw the water into the machine and out of the tap.
Fortnightly - In a container, dissolve an espresso solvent into 1 litre of water and pull the tap to draw the water into the machine and out of the tap. Repeat with clean, fresh water.

Please Note: The NV2PX-CC unit uses a refrigerant. Upon first receiving your Brood Nitro unit, please let it sit for 1-2 hours in an upright position before plugging in to ensure that the refrigerant settles.

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Watch the V2PX in action: