Perception Green Vegetative Poster - SCAA

Perception Green Vegetative Poster - SCAA


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The Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel, a collaborative effort by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and World Coffee Research, is designed to be a tool for the coffee taster. As a tool, it is meant to be intuitive, enjoyable to use, and a benefit to those who seek to analyze and describe coffees.  The WCR Lexicon is the largest collaborative research project on coffee's flavours and aromas ever done.  Created at the Sensory Analysis Center at Kansas State University, the lexicon identifies 110 flavor, aroma, and texture attributes present in coffee, and provides references for measuring their intensity. These new posters expand on the popular Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel by including the WCR Lexicon attributes and their references.

Dimensions: 500 x 700 mm

Perception Green Vegetative Poster - SCAA
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