Pullman Tamp Station - Silver

Pullman Tamp Station - Silver


Beautifully crafted and heavy-weighted tamping station from Pullman.  Made from stainless steel with anodised aluminium base and neoprene rubber, making cleaning a snap.  Available with matching Portafilter handle colour and Pullman group head.  Can be special ordered in any of the Pullman anodised steel colours.

Features of the tamping station:

- a holder to keep your tamper in pristine condition and off the bench where it could get knocked or damaged

- cleaning brushes for excess coffee grounds

- portafilter holder for tamping, keeping the spout suspended and group head locked in. 


Maintenance tips: Do not use cleaning detergents or abrasive cleaning products as they will dull the surface.  Only use warm water and a soft sponge to clean the tamping station.


Pullman Tamp Station - Silver
Cubic Weight 1.00 kg
Low Stock

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