Pure Plus Pro Replacement Filter, 1 Micron

Pure Plus Pro Replacement Filter, 1 Micron


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Pure Plus Pro - 1 micron replacement filter for the Pure Plus Pro System.

This filter replaces: 3M, RV and Pure Plus Pro Systems.  Also suits AP easy series systems by 3M, Aquapure & Cuno.

Pure Plus Pro offers the latest technology from that utilises high absorption media to remove harmful impurities to improve the quality and taste of your drinking water.

Filter Specs: 1 micron rated for the removal of cysts, volatile organic chemicals including chlorine, herbicides & pesticides.

Filter Life: 12 months (depending on water quality)
This sleek compact design allows for easy installation under most sinks.
Auto shutoff in head means you don't have to turn off the water supply when it comes time to change the filter.

For a quick look at the benefits of the system, see our demonstration of "how to" replace and upgrade the old under sink system: