Purity Finest Head 0% Bypass

Purity Finest Head 0% Bypass


The Brita Finest concept is based on a simple idea: For every type of problematic water in the professional catering sector, Brita offers a simple solution, tailored towards the specific problem.

This filter head enables a variable by-pass setting of 0-70%, however the head has been conveniently pre-set to 0% as per manufacturers specifications.  It  includes integrated bleeding & flushing at the push of a button. Fittings in and out are 3/8" BSPT male.

Suits filters C150, C500 & C1100 in the Finest range

Suits filters C50, C150, C300 & C500 the Purity range (by-pass setting will need to be changed to suit water requirements).

For more information on the importance of using a variable bypass head, click here.

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