Purity Fresh C50

Purity Fresh C50


The Purity C is a filter system specially designed by Brita for use in catering to ensure high water quality for individual customer applications as well as reliable and simple operation. This product is also now officially Watermarked.

The uniqe IntelliBypass ensures a constant by-pass proportion of water for the entire usage period, irrespective of the volumetric flow of the terminal equipment used.  The result is consistently high water quality specially tailored to the requirements of the application and the local water conditions. 

By reliably locking the filter cartridge in the filter head and controlling the water flow, the innovative locking handle ensures simple and reliable operation. 

The food quality provided by the Brita Purity C filter system has been inspected and confirmed by independent institutes.  In addition to minimising cloudiness and organic pollutants, Purity Fresh C filter cartridges reduce substances that impair taste and smell in drinking water, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds,  Particles that impair system functionality are trapped. 

The Purity Fresh C filter system was developed especially for enhancing the taste and freshness of water for coffee, espresso and vending machines. 

Have a look at how easy it is to change out your Purity filter:


The Purity Fresh C50 has a filter capacity of 12,000 litres. 

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