Replacement Filters, AP717 Ice Maker Filter - 3M

Replacement Filters, AP717 Ice Maker Filter - 3M


Aqua Pure AP717 filter is used in Ice Machines, Coffee Machines & Fridges. This filter removes dirt, rust, taste and odour, and inhibits scale buildup.  It has 1/4" BSPT inlet & outlet connections, & INCLUDES Push Fit fittings for 1/4 inch poly hose. It is 5 Micron rated & has a capacity of 5600 litres. Made by 3M, and quality NSF/ANSI tested.  Rated at 5 microns, and 125psi mains pressure.

The AP717 replaces Birko 1311046 In-Line filters, or converts Birko 1311047 filters to an In-Line filter.  It also replaces GE fridge In-Line ice maker filters, and ESP RO polishing filter raiss1308.

Recommended changeover  - 6 months

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