Replacement Water Filter, 1/4" BSPT, Softening

Replacement Water Filter, 1/4" BSPT, Softening


Combining both low and high acid cation resins, the IN1218-1 offers great softening capacity for protection from scale for coffee machine boilers, elements & flow paths. This filter is ideally installed after any standard single or twin filter system. Flow should be regulated by a pressure limiting valve for optimal results.

The mounting bracket 514 is recommended for secure mounting to a wall or cupboard surface

This filter comes with 1/4" female BSPT ports and can be adpated out to suit a number of configurations

Filter Life: The life of the filter is relative to the hardness of the water going through the filter. It is recommended that TH Strips are used to gauge the usefulness of the resin every 3 months.

Most domestic applications could expect 9 - 12 months life (based on existing customer feedback and relevant to volume and conditions) - whereas commercial customers should contact us for correct filter specification & changeover recommendation.

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