Replacement Water Filter, Purity 600 - Brita

Replacement Water Filter, Purity 600 - Brita


Brita AquaQUELL PURITY offers consistent water quality over the entire lifetime of the filter ensuring the best water quality for your machine. An optimum reduction in carbonate hardness prevents limescale deposits and ensures that your high-quality equipment technology always performs to maximum capacity.

The AquaQUELL PURITY is a modular system with the innovative 'Quick Lock' principle for easy filter replacement.  The new filter is flushed via the flushing tap on the filter head which means you do not need to disconnect and connect them saving time & effort.

The electronic measuring and display unit always shows the current filter capacity. Once the maximum capacity in litres or the maximum filter usage period has been reached, the corresponding display flashes so you can easily and reliably plan the next filter change.  When installing the system for the first time, enter your individual data (local carbonate hardness and appliance type) and set the desired by-pass proportion and the system automatically displays the remaining capacity giving you full control over your filter status.

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