Replacement Water Filter, Scale Inhibitor - 3M

Replacement Water Filter, Scale Inhibitor - 3M


Ideal for espresso machine installations, the Scale Stopper Max offers a quick and easy bayonet cartridge to make changeovers a breeze. This high performance filter offers the latest filtration technology which provides huge sediment & chemical reduction capacity.  It also dramatically reduces the development of scale to protect your equipment from costly breakdowns.

Rating: 5 Micron GAC with Scale Inhibitor

Filter life: 7500 -13000 litres depending on water quality (12 months)                               

Water Hardness: Ideal for Total Hardness under 100 ppm

Flow Rate: 5.7 litres per minute

Compatible with Cuno water filters: BSSF, 41-SRC-221, 51000, 52000, 53000, 54000, 55000, 58000, SRC222, SRC231, SRC-221-BOM, SRC121, Mocopan Mocopan Triple Action Replacement Cartridge part Number 41-5598103-MOC, 1211052 and 1311050. Also suits the Douwe Egberts Triple Action Replacement Cartridge 517DE, Puretec Model Number CC-QZP51, Zip 5 Series + 58000, CS51, CS52 and EFF-6026B.

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