Rhino Spinjet Assembly Upgrade Kit

Rhino Spinjet Assembly Upgrade Kit


The Rhino Pitcher Rinser Assembly Upgrade Kit (RHSPINSET2) has everything you need to upgrade your existing pitcher rinser to include a Spinjet Spray Mechanism and new Actuator Star. This kit has also been designed to upgrade most pitcher rinsers on the market and gives you a variety of valve and actuator star options for many applications.

This upgrade kit includes the new Rhino Spinjet Valve, which offers water saving of up to 30% compared to other rinser valves. This valve also sprays and spins at the same time to create a more effective cleaning action -- ideal for plungers, pitchers, and other vessels which are often difficult to clean!


- Save up to 30% water usage with the Spinjet Valve
- Fast, mechanical cleaning action
- Suits a variety of pitcher rinser sinks
-Create your own spray assembly to suit your specific needs


1 x Rhino Spinjet Spray Assembly with Actuator Star (135mm, RHSPINSET)
1 x Rhino Plastic Spray Assembly Riser (RHPRRISER)
1 x Rhino Actuator Star (123mm, RHPRSTAR123)

Large Actuator Star Diameter: 135mm
Large Actuator Star Material: Stainless Steel
Spray Assembly Connection: External 1/2" thread
Tall Riser Dimensions: 50mm x 20mm (approx.)
Tall Riser Material: Silicone
Small Actuator Star Diameter: 123mm
Small Actuator Star Material: Stainless Steel

Click below to view our installation video:

How to Assemble:

1. Choose your riser to adjust the height of the spray mechanism to suit the height of your rinser grate:

a. Short - 14mm height
b. Tall - 20mm height

https://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/Spinset Video.jpg

2. Choose the actuator star to suit the space:

a. Large Star - 135mm diameter
b. Small Star - 123mm diameter

https://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/Spinset Video2.jpg

Please note: If you are retro-fitting the Rhino Coffee Gear Spray Assembly to a current rinser with drain tray, we recommend seating the Actuator Plate under the drain tray to ensure that the full and correct action can be achieved when depressed. Cold water use only.