Rhino Spinjet & Star Upgrade Kit

Rhino Spinjet & Star Upgrade Kit


The Rhino Spinjet and Actuator Star Upgrade Kit suits Rhino Coffee Gear pitcher rinsers and most pitcher rinsers on the market. The new 123mm star design suits rinsers with a smaller space for the actuator plate, and the new valve allows users to upgrade to the latest Spinjet technology.

The Rhino Coffee Gear Spinjet Upgrade allows you to easily turn your standard Rhino Coffee Gear spray assembly into a Spinjet option. Simply unscrew the current shower and screw on the Spinjet Valve. This new valve sprays and spins at the same time, creating a more effective and efficient mechanical cleaning action than normal rinsing valves. This design is ideal for plungers, pitchers, and other vessels which are often difficult to clean.

Star Width
: 123mm
Material: Stainless Steel

 https://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/RHSPINSET2_longdescription2.jpg https://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/RHSPINSTAR_longdescription.jpg

Rhino Spinjet & Star Upgrade Kit
Cubic Weight 0.20 kg
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