Samsung Fridge Filter - DA97-17376B (HAFQIN)

Samsung Fridge Filter - DA97-17376B (HAFQIN)


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TheDA97-17376B Samsung Water Filter is suitable for use in Samsung Side by Side and French door refrigerators withmodel number DA97-08006C.

What makes having a Samsung Fridge Filter sobeneficial?

The DA97-17376B Samsung fridge water filter is primarily designed to improve the taste of yourdrinking water.  It also saves load of money by giving you quality wateron tap; water that is cleaner and more pure than even bottled water. TheseSamsung fridge filters are also designed to protect the internal operations ofyour refrigerator from sediment, dirt and scale build up.  By regularlychanging your Samsung filter you can reduce or avoid servicing costs, and alsokeep your ice and water dispenser in optimal working condition. The DA97-17376B filter conforms to NSF guidelines, and is made with only NSF/ANSI compliantmaterials. As a quality replacement filter, the cartridge itself undergoes aseries of rigorous air flow tests to ensure its durability.  

How long should my Samsung Fridge Water Filterlast?

Refrigeratormanufacturers strongly recommend that fridge water filters be replaced at leastevery 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on. However,if you notice the clarity or taste of your water changing, that's the bestindication that it's time for a change! A routine 6 month change-out cycleensures that your water stays fresh and your refrigerator's ice & watermechanisms are protected from corrosion.

Samsungwater filters, using high grade carbon block, help remove numerous substanceswhich may be present in your water such as chlorine, microbial cysts, heavymetals & chemicals - common industrial substances with high toxicities thatcan infiltrate water source.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity:1135 litres

  • Certification:NSF 42 NSF 53

  • Dimensions:WxHxD 6.0 X 6.0 X 21 mm

  • Removes: chlorine,microbial cysts, heavy metals, and chemicals.

  • Weight: 0.345kg

  • Rating: 5microns

For Use in SystemModel No.DA97-08006C

Replacement CartridgeCode: DA97-17376B 


Samsung Fridge Filter - DA97-17376B (HAFQIN)
Item Code DA97-17376B
Cubic Weight 0.33 kg