Smart Tamper - Blue 58mm

Smart Tamper - Blue 58mm


Discontinued - Reduced to Clear!

The Smart Tamp coffee tamper has a built-in digital scale allowing you to be more consistent with espresso extraction.  It features a real-time display of tamping force, which gives the barista the ability to control and track one of the many variables in providing consistent espresso. 

What is included in the package?

The Smart Tamp comes with an ergonomic handle in your choice of one of 3 colours: brown, blue or yellow.  It also comes with a flat base and a curved base.  The Smart Tamp is powered by two coin cell (CR2032) batteries (not included).

How does the tamper turn on and off?

To power the Smart Tamp up, gently shake the tamper. The green power light on the screen will illuminate, indicating the tamper is on and ready to use.  The tamper turns off automatically after 10 seconds of no movement.

Where is the best spot to hold the tamper while tamping?

When tamping, grab the handle surface only.  Do not touch the screen or any other part of the tamper during tamping as this will cause the displayed load to be inaccurate. 

Other important tidbits:

Switching the base - simply switch between the flat and curved base by unscrewing. The threading provides for a quick and secure attachment.

Changing the batteries - when the low battery light on the base is illuminated.

Reading the display - The screen displays tamping load in 1kg increments from 5kg to 20kg. Do NOT tamp with more than 20 kg.

Cleaning - Wipe the outside surfaces of the Smart Tamp with a damp cloth (water only).  NEVER submerge the Smart Tamp in water or hold under a running faucet as this will damage the internal electronics. Likewise, NEVER put the Smart Tamp in the dishwasher. 

Storing - Ensure that the base is screwed on completely for storage as this will seal and protect the internal circuitry from environmental harm.