Steel Toe 20oz Travel Press w Bru-Stop - Obsidian (Black)

Steel Toe 20oz Travel Press w Bru-Stop - Obsidian (Black)


The Steel Toe Travel Press from Planetary Design is the ultimate brewer for those who love to travel, featuring patented Bru-Stop press technology and ultra-insulated stainless steel.

Bru-Stop press technology is designed to create a physical barrier between the grounds and the brewed coffee, once it is fully pressed down. This stops the brewing process, preventing over-extracted, bitter coffee. With the Steel Toe Travel Press, you can brew your coffee just the way you like it, without the need to decant into another cup to enjoy.

With its double-walled, ultra-insulated stainless steel body, the Steel Toe will brew your coffee and keep it hot for hours.

Simply add coarsely ground coffee to the press, and pour nearly boiling water over the grounds to brew. Place the Bru-Stop press screen on top of the plunger, wait 2-5 minutes, then press down on the plunger and enjoy.

Material: Double-walled, Stainless Steel and BPA-free plastic
Colours: Brushed Steel, Obsidian (Black), and Mountain Lake (Blue)
Size: 20oz/590ml

Please note: It is recommended that this product be hand washed only.

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Steel Toe 20oz Travel Press w Bru-Stop - Obsidian (Black)
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