Temptag Tri Thermometers

Temptag Tri Thermometers


The NEW Temptag TRI thermometer stickers work for any type of milk.  There are three colours in the package - red, yellow and white - which can be used to differentiate what type of milk is in each pitcher. 

Instructions for use:  The Temptag TRI will indicate when the ideal milk temperature is reached by changing colour.  The three indicators work as follows:

white left panel is 58C - ideal for soy and skim milk

middle panel with the tick is 65C - ideal for full cream milk

white right panel is 70C - the temperature is too hot 


 - the temperature windows progress from 58C (too cool/or soy) to 65C (ideal) to 70C (too hot).

- Ensure the metal jug surface is clean and dry.

- Simply attach to your metal jug as illustrated.

- Press and rub the Temptag TRI to ensure all air bubbles are removed, and you have a solid bond.

- It is recommended that an additional Temptag TRI be placed on the opposite side for right or left handed use.

- As the middle window begins to appear red, shut off steam immediately to ensure ideal temperature is achieved.

The Temptag TRI is best hand washed only.  Avoid using strong chemicals, scourers and steel wool directly on to the Temptag TRI to prevent surface damage. If the surface is broken, replace with a new Temptag TRI.  It is expected that the Temptag TRI will display accurately for 4-6 weeks with proper care and usage.  If the middle window (the red window when heated properly) appears grey or cloudy or the Temptag TRI bubbles or begins to peel, we recommend you replace it to maintain consistency. 


Temptag Tri Thermometers
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