The Coffee Man Book - Sasa Sestic

The Coffee Man Book - Sasa Sestic


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The Coffee Man: Journal of a World Barista Champion is written by Sasa Sestic, star of "The Coffee Man" film. This book contains stories of Sasa's sporting career, migration to Australia, his start in coffee, and the path that led him to win the World Barista Championship.

The Coffee Man book also contains many stories from Sasa's travels around the world, meeting coffee producers and experimenting with new ways to grow and produce coffee. All proceeds from this book go towards helping coffee producers,their families, and communities.

"When Sasa told me he was writing "The Coffee Man" book, I nearly fell off my chair. I've had the pleasure of travelling to coffee famrs with Sasa, and I was profoundly impressed by his comprehension of, as well as his curiosity for, coffee agronomy and best practices.

There truly are only one or two people in the world with as thorough an understanding of coffee in all its manifestations -- from where and how it's grown, processed, exported and imported, to how it is roasted and brewed for customers, to how it can be celebrated on the World Barista Championship stage. So well that he wins that coveted international award that is the pinnacle of achievement in the global specialty-coffee community.

And now he's chronicling his story and setting his knowledge to a book? I truly could not be more excited to read it." - Sarah Allen, Editor in Chief, Barista Magazine.

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