Trinity One

Trinity One


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PRESS. DRIP. IMMERSION. The Trinity ONE is an award-winning design. This high-quality coffee brewer is an all-in-one appliance for specialty coffee, combining press, drip, and immersion brewing techniques. The Trinity ONE reduces the need for multiple brewing tools and reduces bench top clutter. Manufactured from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and Black Walnut timber, the Trinity One is a stylish addition to any brew bar.

The Trinity ONE is the only coffee maker to include a weighted press cylinder, which is used to press your coffee using gravity. This design increases consistency and repeatable results.

The Brew Chamber has been developed using double wall for thermal insulation. Designed for Pour Over, Press and Immersion (hot and cold) brewing methods.

The Press Cylinder is used for automatic brewing under pressure, Insert the Cylinder and Trinity One will do the rest.

The Filter Head is also the Trinity One flow controller. It is used to allow steeping, stop drips, control flow and disperse between cups and is also used while using the Cold Brew method.


Depending on your brewing method, we recommend the following items that are sold separately:

- Paper filters or Kone filter for pour over
- Paper filters or stainless disc for press and immersion
- Glass server
- Kettle
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