Universal Shower Hose Filter System

Universal Shower Hose Filter System


Sprite universal shower hose filter

Attaches to any hand-held shower head.   

Removes chlorine, dirt sediment and odours for improved skin and hair condition

Replaceable filter cartridge included -  can be installed easily and without tools!

Sprite Industries warrants the shower filter housing to be free of defects for a period of one year when used under normal operating conditions provided purchase information is submitted to Sprite at time of purchase.

Recommended filter replacement every 3 months.  Click here to see replacement filter cartridges.

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Universal Shower Hose Filter System
Item Code HF-CM
Cubic Weight 1.00 kg

Barista Cloth Pack of 10 Blades/Burrs, Compak K8 Silent, Fresh & A8 83mm 3/8" White Hose - roll - 150 m
Barista Cloth Set - Clean Machine 1/4 PF to 3/4 fem bsp Tap Adap 3M Head for HF filters 3/8" Male Fitted
Black Cloth - Microfibre 2CB5-S Replacement Water Filter, 5 Micron - Everpure Apex 350kpa Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) 1/4"PF