VST Refractometer Kit with Case

VST Refractometer Kit with Case


The VST LAB Coffee III refractometer is used for measuring coffee & espresso TDS. The advanced fourth-generation handheld instrument provides laboratory precision in the palm of your hand.  Accuracy and precision of the VST Lab coffee refractometers are comparable to state-of-the-art dehradration ovens, and rival benchtop laboratory refractometers with Peltier trays.  VST's latest Lab III refractometer has a typical accuracy of +/- 0.02% and worst case percision of +/- 0.1%. Click here to read more about Coffee & Refractometers

Designed for the rapid and accurate determination of coffee concentration, these instruments will automatically correct for temperature within the range of 15-40 degrees celcius.  When used and cared for properly, the refractometer will provide years of trouble-free service.

Refractometer kit includes:

- Hard sided carrying case for refractometer machine - protects during transit, keeps temperature stable

- Bag of 50 syringe filters and 5 luer-lock syringes - for pre-filtering espresso or coffee brewed using metal filters

- Bag of 10 pipettes and alcohol swabs - designed to transfer samples without contamination to ensure accuracy

Note: Hard case colour and style may change depending onavailability.