Vivreau Bottle Unit - Under Bench Still & Sparkling water

Vivreau Bottle Unit - Under Bench Still & Sparkling water


Eliminate the need to purchase environmentally unfriendly and expensive pre-bottled water with the installation of the Vivreau Table Water Bottling System.  This environmentally friendly chilled water system allows you to serve still or sparkling table water at a fraction of the cost of buying, serving and storing bottled water.  More importantly, it also allows you the ability to offer this quality option to your customers with a solid margin for the proprietor compared to bottled water.  A busy cafe will pay for this system in 6 months during the summer.

Vivreau is the original designer of the Table Water Bottling System and leads the way in combating the negative environmental impact caused by the transportation and packaging waste associated with pre-bottled water!

Vivreau also sets the industry standard for hospitality and catering environments - from corporate headquarters and leading hotels to Michelin starred restaurants

The Under Counter design is space saving and practical.  Other features of this convenient system include:

- Water Cooler dispenses purified chilled and sparkling water
- High performance ice bank refrigeration technology
- LED lights and frosted blue facia will enhance any surrounding
- Designed to sit equally well front of house
- Eliminates bottle storage issues and  frees up fridge space
- Substantial cost savings relative to pre-bottled mineral waters
- Removable dispense nozzles for improved hygiene
- Anti-leak detection

Environmentally Positive Features:

- Eliminates the need for regular deliveries of pre-bottled water reducing traffic congestion and transport pollution
Eliminates the need for the disposal of large quantities of glass or plastic waste from pre-bottled water
Energy efficient design
Reusable glass bottles reduces glass and packaging waste

Manufactured in Europe as part of the commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

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Vivreau Bottle Unit - Under Bench Still & Sparkling water
Item Code V3105-UNDERBENCH
Cubic Weight 15.00 kg
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