Weekly Milk Cleaner Red - Cafetto

Weekly Milk Cleaner Red - Cafetto


This Cafetto product is designed for milk lines and automatic milk frothers. It's designed to be used weekly, and in conjunction with the Cafetto Blue Daily Milk Frother Cleaner for users who experience hard water conditions. Available in 1 litre bottles.  The bottle contains a handy dispensing chamber.


- It's a non-hazardous and non-dangerous formulation but it's very effective at removing milk stones, while also descaling automatic milk frothers.
- It leaves no odour after rinsing.
- It is non-corrosive to the espresso machine and its parts.


1. Ensure the white cap istightly sealed and slightly loosen the red cap. Gently squeeze the bottle untilreservoir measures 50ml, remove the red cap and pour from reservoir.
2. Add 50ml of MFC Red to 1 litre of warm water in a cleaning container. Ensureyou replace the blue cap and seal tightly after pouring the required dose.
3. Insert milk frother suction tube into solution.
4. Run entire solution through frother.
5. Repeat above procedure with 1 litre of clean water to rinse all thecomponents thoroughly.
6. Do not mix with other chemicals.


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