iDip Test Kit - for Chlorides, TH, PH & Turbidity

iDip Test Kit  - for Chlorides, TH, PH & Turbidity


The Kit includes: 1x  protective carry case, 1 x  idip micrometer, 1 x TDS meter, 1x jar(100) PH Test Strips, 1 x jar(25) Chloride* test strips, 1 x jar(50) TH Strips

NB: The idip device requires that you download an application for use in reading the test results, the PH Test is included, however the test for Chloride, TH & Turbidity are required to be downloaded to the device doing the testing. This is a requirement from the manufacturer. The price of the unit is less than previous models allowing the end user to download & only pay for the tests required.

*Chloride readings are calculated by multiplying result by 0.6 ( noted on jar)


The specialty coffee industry is always searching for ways to measure the many variables that influence the process of making that perfect cup of coffee.

Water quality is an important topic for the coffee industry ,not just for achieving the right balance for optimal flavour and a consistent extraction, but also for the impact the water has on the equipment. 

With each of the major filter brands pushing their own agenda, choosing the right water filter can be confusing, somewhat subjective and generally misinformed. 

Selecting the best filter for any situation should always be made with an informed decision; so the question to ask is "what's in the water?"

The iDip smart photometer gives the end user the power to easily monitor water quality.  It is portable, water proof and the first unit of its type that links to your iphone, Ipad or Android device.  With over 35 tests available it provides an accurate reading at a fraction of the cost of bench lab equipment with accuracy within 1 ppm!  The iDip smart photometer has been named one of the 100 most innovative technologies by R&D 100 2014 magazine.

There are a number of advantages to owning the iDip and testing water on a scheduled program:

- Water quality can be affected by environmental factors such as seasons, droughts, floods, town water management (the Turbidity test (NTU) can measure sediment which greatly affects the life & flow of a water filter)

- Filters which soften water have a limited life and output water requires measurement - Use the TH test

- Historical and accurate data can help with warranty claims & show duty of care

- It can help coffee & service businesses demonstrate to clients why they are charging to change a filter!

Another key issue is chlorides which is a major factor in corrosion.  With the trend towards stainless steel boilers & componentry in espresso machines, measuring the  chloride level becomes increasing important; the iDip measures sodium Chloride and from there Chlorides can be determined as a factor of 60% of this reading.

The iDip is simple to use:

- A contact can be selected from your device contact list and matched up with their equipment.  The built in GPS helps retrieve their site information

- Once the test is selected, just fill the reservoir and zero the reading.  Insert the strip over a 20 second period, gently waving back and forth.  The reading then displays on the device and saves on the contact card. 

- Each result can have notes added and this result can be emailed to the decision maker for servicing.

While there are many tests that can be performed, you only pay for and download the selected ones. Naturally Bombora Supplies has the expertise to fairly and independently recommend the best filter based on the results.  The iDip is empowering the industry by providing objective data to make the right decision!

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