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Below is a list of articles we've written for our customers and for the wider coffee community, to help you learn a little bit more about some of our products and brands. 

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LEARN | The Importance of Descaling your Machine

There are many elements involved in creating delicious, consistent espresso. We all know that grind size, dosage, tamping, and water temperature all have an effect on your extraction, but there’s one more major factor that can ruin even the most perfect balance of these elements...

LEARN| Cupping Bowls With a Difference
Originally published by Joe le Mura on RhinoCoffeeGear.com.

Cupping is a practice that is done by coffee roasters, green bean buyers, and baristas. The reason we cup coffee is to identify the characteristics of the coffee; the aromas, the body, and the intensity of flavours (acidity). Since cupping coffee is so vital to purchasing our precious beans, Rhino Coffee Gear have designed a cupping bowl which is black on the inside as opposed to white. But, why? 

LEARN| Brewista Smart Brew™ Hourglass Brewer

To add to their expanding selection of products, Brewista have recently released the Smart Brew™ Hourglass Brewer range, with 3 Cup, 5 Cup, and 8 Cup varieties.

LEARN| Comandante: Nitro Blade vs. Ironheart

There are many manual hand grinders to choose from in the specialty coffee industry, but when it comes to grind quality and performance, coffee enthusiasts can’t seem to go past Comandante...

LEARN| Everything You Need To Know About Hario's Borosilicate Glass
Originally published by Anita Pickstone on HarioAustralia.com.au

If you’re at all familiar with the specialty coffee industry, chances are you’ve come across many a Hario product. Hario has a broad range of items, ranging from kettles and hand grinders to pour over drippers, teapots, syphons, and servers, with many of these products featuring Hario’s famous heatproof borosilicate glass...

LEARN| The Toddy Lift

Made specifically for the Toddy Cold Brew Commercial Model, the Lift makes it even easier to brew a batch of coffee in your Toddy system, eliminating the need to squeeze the filter bag, whilst increasing the volume of your yield...

LEARN| The TrinityONE Black Edition

Trinity Coffee Co. was founded in Brisbane, Australia by coffee enthusiast, Mark Folker. Mark’s passion for brewing better coffee led him to create the Trinity™ ONE specialty coffee brewer. Since starting his project on Kickstarter in June 2015, Mark has designed a second version of the Trinity; the Trinity™ ONE Black...

LEARN| Features, Comparisons & Return on Investment: The Toddy Pro Series

Cold brew connoisseurs, Toddy, have recently added another coffee brewer to their expanding range: the Toddy Pro Series. This brewer comes in 10 gallon (38 litre) and 20 gallon (76 litre) sizes and features brewers-grade, food-safe stainless steel. Designed specifically...