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The Basics of Coffee Storage: Featuring the FRIIS Coffee Vault

When it comes to maintaining a consistent flavour profile, storage of your coffee beans is absolutely essential. If your favourite bag of beans isn’t stored correctly, after a few days you might start to find that your coffee isn’t tasting as great as it was the day you purchased it.

So, what can affect the taste of your beans?

There are three key elements that we need to be aware of that affect the flavour and quality of coffee beans:

  • Heat/Light: If beans are exposed to heat or direct sunlight they will begin to sweat or leach oil (which is key source of flavour). The shiny layer of oil on the outside of the bean is one of the common visual signs that beans have not been stored correctly. As the oils are the fundamental source of flavour and aroma in the cup, any oil that is leached will affect the end product.
  • Air: If coffee beans are exposed to air and oxygen, the oil in the beans begins to evaporate. This compromises the flavour and decreases the lifespan of the beans.
  • Moisture: Coffee beans absorb moisture from the surrounding environment very easily, so storing in a dry place is essential in maintaining the integrity of the beans. Any moisture on the surface of your beans will leach out heaps of the aromas and the flavour of the beans, so it’s a good idea to keep your beans as dry as possible.

There are heaps of different ways that people store their coffee beans or coffee grounds, including in air-tight containers you might already find in your kitchen at home, in a zip-lock bag, or simply resealing the packet that the beans came in. But when it comes to the ideal way to maintain optimum freshness of your coffee, nothing beats the FRIIS Coffee Vault.

The FRIIS Coffee Vault protects your beans from heat, light, air, and moisture, keeping your beans fresher for longer, without compromising the integrity of your beans. It is made from stainless steel and a BPA-free polymer lid, which blocks any light source from hitting your beans, while the air-tight seal and FRIIS Freshness Valve continually vents C02 gasses.

The FRIIS Coffee Vault holds 600 grams, is available in Black, Red, and Silver, and comes with an integrated date wheel which helps to remind you when the FRISS Freshness Valve is due for replacement.


A Closer Look at The Brewista Kettle Range
The complete line up of Brewista Smart Pour™ and Stout Spout™ kettles has you covered, no matter what your needs. Available in stovetop (induction compatible), electric switch and variable temperature digital versions.
The Smart Pour™ series features an ultra-precise gooseneck spout. Designed with input from competitive baristas, the Smart Pour™ provides ultimate accuracy for pour over coffee, minimizing turbidity while ensuring complete saturation of the grounds.
The revolutionary Stout Spout™ series has an open tapered design to allow for speed pouring while still providing accurate and steady pouring.
Stovetop and electric switch models come standard with an analogue temperature gauge in the lid. These can easily be replaced with the Brewista Smart Temp™ programmable digital temperature gauge lid that emits an audible alert when the programmed temperature is reached.

Variable temperature models feature precise digital input for exact temperature control. They are also programmable to have the water heated at a specified time and a keep war
m feature that will maintain temperature for up to one hour. Electric switch and variable temperature models feature automatic shut-off after 60 minutes and lift off bases so there is no cord to interfere with pouring. Models sold outside of North America have detachable power cords and are available to work with virtually power source worldwide.
All Brewista water kettles are made of durable 25 gauge 300 series stainless steel fo
r durability and have ergonomically designed ha
ndles for easy balance and control.  Each kettle has a convenient 1.2 litre capacity.

The Smart Pour™ Gooseneck Kettle Range (click image for more information)

The Stout Spout™ Cupping Kettle Range (click image for more information)

How does the Patented High-Alloyed High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel burr provide higher precision than other hand grinders?

Bernd Braune, Founder of the Comandante Grinder, talks about why Nitro Blade burr sets are the best on the market.  

Our Nitro Blade burrs are different from other burr sets in hand grinders in a number of ways. They are easy to use, and you need less force (torque) and less time to achieve your preferred grind result. The Nitro Blade burrs are also super-sharp, helping you to achieve less grind dust and creates a much smoother grind than many other hand grinders on the market.

Nitro Blade burrs are made out of a very special stainless steel alloy which contains iron, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese, silicon, a little carbon, and nitrogen. The benefits include superior teeth sharpness, greater edge holding capability, and an electro-chemical neutral surface property. Grinding with this type of burr set gives you an enhanced particle generation and particle distribution. You will also achieve a decrease in grind process oxidation, which is very important when you grind highly acidic light roast Arabica beans. A burr set built with this steel is able to grind salt as fine as baby powder, with no oxidation damage to the metal.

Most steel burr sets which are used in other hand grinders on the market are burrs originally designed for electric espresso machines. The objective of those old burr designs was to quickly get a grind job done by a little electric engine for a shot of Italian-style coffee. An optimized particle distribution for a filter-style coffee was not even on the agenda for those burr sets. Our burr design was developed for a modern hand grinder, with an advanced grind performance, and an elevated cupping experience in mind..

The ergonomics and physical experience using a hand grinder with a Nitro Blade burr set is very pleasing. The bean throughput per turn at a moderate torque value is 1. That means that with every turn, one bean is processed. This is a very productive rate, with a moderate torque rate of 2.8 Newton meter not difficult to achieve.

Our Nitro Blade burr set will also help you to achieve a higher precision grind result. If you look at the resulting particle distribution from a Nitro Blade in detail, you will notice quite a narrow Gaussian bell curve and much smaller dust occurrence. Why is that important? Because a narrow distribution curve around the targeted particle size represents a more precise grind result, which expert cuppers say gives you a cleaner and more articulate result when cupping.

Click to learn more about the Comandante grinder.



Why are VST Refractometers the best tool for measuring TDS? (Part1)

Whether you are a Roaster, trainer, competing in competitions, café/ espresso bar owner, barista or a coffee aficionado, we all strive on a day to day basis to ensure that cup consistency is maintained. Cup consistency is a key element in building a solid customer base and developing a strong reputation for your coffee brand or espresso bar.

You have your set up…. espresso machine, grinder, brewing equipment all the tools needed to serve the perfect coffee. BUT, have you measured your extraction TDS?

The VST refractometer is a ‘must have’ for all industry professionals who want to take their coffee to a new level. The VST refractometer has been developed by Vince Fedele (founder, owner/operator of VST inc), this hand held device is the first industry-specific refractometer on the market. Accompanied by the innovative VST software the refractometer will measure the exact percentage total dissolved solids. With a brew recipe of coffee and water (by weight or volume) the VST software will calculate not only the TDS, but will map the extraction yield of your brew. With these measurements it enables the user to alter brewing parameters, this in conjunction with a finely tuned palate are the key essentials in producing a consistent, well balanced high quality cup! 


If you don’t measure every basket, there is simply no way of warranting its performance.

Why Choose VST? When purchasing a VST basket you are getting more than ‘just a filter basket’!

The quality control processes that have been implemented from fabrication through packaging proves why VST has been the Official Filter Basket of the WBC for the last 5 years.

Every hole on every filter basket is measured for square area, blocked holes, circularity, total open area and placement to ensure that every basket that drops into portafilters around the world are warranted for ZERO defects! A separate quality factor score limits the range of hole sizes as well as the 2-sigma spread of hole sizes that are used to detect when tooling is refreshed. This ensures that a VST Precision basket purchased today is identical in extraction yield performance to one purchased in 2011, when VST introduced this game changing product.  There are few innovations in the coffee industry that can be said changed the world of espresso–the VST Precision Filter Basket is certainly one of them.

The wide outlet angles of the hole geometry prevent clogging and the extremely tight filter hole size distribution improve “filtering” and reduce sediment (non-soluble cellulose), offering a more clarified espresso. Extraction is centered on the yield curve, providing the flexibility of being able use the same dose, grind and tamp process and yield different amounts (making a Ristretto or a Luongo) and still have extraction yields at acceptable ranges on the brewing control chart provides a not only a sense on uniformity but reassurance that VST have developed a filter basket that will aid producing a consistent extraction performance.
To guarantee that a uniform extraction occurs across the puck, VST have ensured hole placement patterns have been centered to +/- 1.0mm. Five years of field use and testing validates VST’s specifications that of identical performance across same model filter baskets with every filter basket measuring between ±2.5% in total open area. If you don’t measure every basket, there is simple no way of warranting its performance. VST provides an individual QC (quality control) inspection report with every basket that shows relevant results and information from machine vision inspection system performed on 100% of all VST filters.  



Joe's Siphon Trip

For a number of years I have been interested in the concepts, brewing strategies, science and complexities that surround all aspects of alternative brewing.

About nine months ago I was invited to attend the certification course to become an International Accredited Siphon Judge! This was something that progressed from a thought, to a possibility, to reality in such a short period of time.

I believe Siphon is one of the most theatrical and elaborate methods for brewing Coffee! That being said, the siphon trend in Australia seems to fluctuate dramatically and I thought that by gaining this certification I may be able to further promote Siphon and other alternate brewing methods to both the Speciality Coffee Industry and the general Australian Coffee lovers!

I spent seven weeks training on the units in the lead up to heading to Japan and Korea, mapping my brews and adjusting ratios, time, temp and grind I complied my data a few days before I left and realised that I had brewed just over 1800 siphons in the seven week lead up.

I left Sydney airport bound for Tokyo to spend some time at Hario HQ discussing brewing trends, new products and looking at some of the best ways to keep the alternative brewing scene in Australia as current, trendy and popular as possible. I also had an opportunity to meet some of the world’s leading siphon masters and spent the first couple of days comparing brewing techniques while using the latest three head Smart Beam Heater that Hario has developed for the WSC (World Siphon Championship).

I left Tokyo and headed to Seoul, South Korea to prepare for the WSC International Judges Certification Workshop at Arounz, a café, roastery and retail shop in Yeongdeungpo-gu. During the certification course there was an extensive written exam that was comprised of international rules and regulations of the WSC, technical and sensory judging conducts, practical judging assessments, as well as a sensory test to ensure that those who passed had the ideal palate for judging! After nine hours of examination we gathered in the training room to learn that a small percentage of participants passed the course (4/18), I was ecstatic when my name was called and even more happy finding out that I had only dropped 1.3% across the entire examination process!

This amazing journey has given me a sense of pride knowing that I am both the first Australian, and first person outside of Asia to gain this certification as previously all judges have originated from countries within Asia. I look forward to using this qualification to assist ASCA in holding the inaugural ASC (Australian Siphon Championship), where the winner of the competition will be able to compete on the world stage at the WSC in 2017.

I am also eager to possibly hold a World Siphon Championship here in Australia so that we can further promote the country’s love for coffee! I would like to thank the people who have stood beside me and offered support and encouragement and the people who sent me coffee to assist with my training and preparation over the last 9 months! Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the Bombora crew for their daily support in the weeks leading up to the Certification Workshop.


Biggest Morning Tea at Bombora!

In the final week of May the collective staff of Bombora Supplies have broken out both their whisks and elastic waist band pants to take part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for the Cancer Council.

The team have risen to the occasion magnificently with an array of delectable delights being brought out for Bombora Supplies Inaugural Bake Off, with the overall Champion winning the coveted Bake Off trophy. 

Each month various members of the Bombora crew nominate charities close to their hearts (or bellies in this case) to help give back to the community. From attending the HAR FurBall, to counting steps in Steptember, to selling daffodils for Daffodil Day, this is just another occasion where the Bombora team comes together as a coffee obsessed family, to raise money for something they love. Voting for our favourite entries has been no piece of cake, but as we’re raising dough for a good cause, we have all been doing our best to try every entry that becomes available to us (even if that involves multiple tastes of those entries).


As we come to a close of a highly competitive (not to mention fattening!) week, we are able to set down our forks and spoons, and know that all we did was for a great cause, and can start planning our recipes for next year.


FHA Singapore 12th-15th April 2016

Bombora are off to Singapore for their second time to Food Hotel Asia 2016, this is the 20th International Exhibition of Hotel, Restaurant, food service equipment, supplies and services.

Hotel Asia 2016 is an excellent platform for networking and business opportunities for everyone in the food and hospitality industry, especially for the coffee industry. Hotel Asia is widely regarded as Asia's most established trade exhibition of its kind. Bombora have teamed up this year with Cafetto and will be displaying a selection of our newest products from Brewista and Rhinowares. including the new Brewista Cold Pro System, Smart Dripper and the Rhinowares compact grinder. So come say hi to Megan from Bombora and to the Cafetto team on stand 4E1-11


World’s Richest Barista Competition

The team at Café Culture have been busy putting final touches on this years’ ‘World’s Richest Barista Competition’ being held during the Fine Foods QLD event 10th – 12th April.

The WRB Competition has national and international teams battling out in a ‘café style’ setting, presenting various beverages from a menu card that is picked up minutes before the timer begins.

Last year the Brewover was selected and used in the ‘brewing’ category of the World’s Richest Barista competition!

The team behind the Brewover received overwhelming feedback from some of the world’s elite baristas who were competing in last year’s WRB comp, and as a result the competition organisers have reinstated the Brewover for WRB 2016. The Brewover has proven to be a favoured brew method by many of Australian and international coffee lovers! From the home user right through to the specialty brew bar operators, the Brewover has the versatility to brew Traditional Pour Over, Immersion Brew, Cold Brew and Cold Drip.

We look forward to seeing the Brewover in action in a week's time when the teams go head to head to see who is crowned champion of World’s Richest Barista 2016.


MICE 2016

We are less than a week away from the 1st day of MICE 2016 and Bombora is ready to go.

On display we will have some of the newest products that have hit our shores this year PLUS over 250 of our most popular products for sale at the show! Sasa Sestic will be dropping past the stand at various times to do a couple of demonstrations of his recently released OCD. Don’t forget to visit our ‘brew bar’ and play with all the latest gear from Acaia, Bodum, Bonavita, Brewista, Bruer, Cafflano, Toddy & of course the very popular ever growing range of Hario products!! With Bombora being home to the soon to be released ‘Trinity One’ we will have Mark Folker the designer of the Trinity One on the stand at various times throughout the show giving the crowd a few demos. The Bombora stand will be buzzing and we can’t wait to see you all there on STAND 204!! March 17 – 19, Melbourne Showgrounds.



Bombora’s Joe Le Mura reflects on his heritage and passion for coffee.

I was sitting back on the weekend with the ‘caffeine urge’ lingering. It started me thinking what do I want? My machine is at temp and ready to go in a heartbeat…. do I drop an espresso?, Hario gear in the cupboard….What about a pour over? or do I bring the syphon out? Then I glanced across at a picture of my Nonni and thought…lets go old school ‘Sicilian Style’ and make something that was a childhood regular for me…… Pane cú Latte!

I set aside the latest brewing gadgets (which I have become so used to using) and grabbed the old cafetiere, milk and a couple of slices of Pane di Casa and got to work. I ground up some Colombian Rodriguez Ospina and got the brew started, grabbed the Pana di Casa (unbeknown to me my wife had picked it up for a family lunch) and cut off a couple of slices. I poured some milk into the saucepan and started to heat it up over the gas stove just like my Nonna used to do! The gurgling and hissing from the cafetiere was music to my ears, the distinct aroma that filled the house lured the kids from their bedrooms as they knew something was on its way! Turning the gas off I could not resist a couple of quick espresso’s while I was making the Pane cú Latte. I grabbed a bowl and set up the bread inside and began to pour the hot milk over the bottom half of the bread! Then, time for the finishing touch….. Pouring the freshly brewed Columbian Rodriguez Ospina over the top so it combined with the milk and stained the pane! Sitting back enjoying something that used to be a regular ‘treat’ for me made me think how far the industry has come.

I think that every now and then it is good to strip everything back and ‘go old school’, it opens your eyes and makes you realise how far the industry has progressed over the years. It also allows us to give a little extra appreciation to the industries ‘pioneers’ and the current product developers who work tirelessly to keep the coffee industry evolving.

Sasa Sestic and his OCD

Current World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic first conceived the idea for the OCD in 2012 when he realised there was a need to create consistency between baristas in a café setting. 

In the years since its conception, the OCD has evolved into so much more. Some of the key features of the OCD include: - The design of the OCD features four angled slopes which ensure efficiently and evenly distributed coffee. - The flexibility of the OCD means that the range of doses can be adjusted depending on the roasting style, even suiting larger baskets and very low doses. - No need to collapse your dose – collapsing your dose can lead to inconsistent extraction and the taste can suffer. All in all the OCD creates a perfectly flat surface to tamp upon. When making a great coffee there are many variables, the OCD is about taking control and eliminating the inconsistencies. Click here to read more about this innovation.


Rhinowares Grinders. Tall or Short, what's the difference?

With the recent release of the new Rhinowares compact handgrinder, the question has been raised: what are the differences between the tall and short (compact) handgrinders?

The most obvious starting point is its size – the tall grinder offers a generous 42g capacity. It is a perfect companion when you are brewing for more than just yourself. In contrast, the compact hand grinder can hold 21 – 23g which is perfect for most brewing methods especially Aeropress. While it is a smaller capacity the compact size makes it easier to fit into a compact travel ‘brew’ kit and is ideal for personal use (the body actually fits inside an Aeropress). To achieve the compact size, the burrs are slightly smaller but are still a great quality conical ceramic set. The comfortable grip handle still has that smooth 'easy to use' action and doesn’t come off in use, which can happen with many other brands. Both grinders have managed to stabilise the core so the burrs stay firmly in position when grinding…..the quality and consistency of grind is tested using varying grade micron geotech screens. Both Rhinowares grinders produce excellent results compared with other popular hand grinders. Lastly the new compact grinder includes a purpose built adaptor that allows it to neatly connect to the Aeropress…this saves on space required to brew and makes the whole process a true pleasure. Both units sell for $59.95. For more information click here.

Bombora Green Bean Zone Competition

As part of the Compak Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition and Conference, Bombora hosted a "Green Bean Zone" Competition on our own premises.  Our main focus for the event was to create a link between Australia's roasters and green bean suppliers.

We were proud to show off our newly finished cafe/kitchen and to be able to also host a breakfast for our loyal customers who were in town for the Golden Bean event.

11 of Australia's green bean suppliers were able to showcase a broad range of their finest beans.  This allowed the roasters to sample at their leisure and discuss the finer details with the suppliers.  

Bombora was proud to be given the opportunity to open the doors and show the industry what we are all about!

At the end of the tasting, we were able to demonstrate the use of our CM-100 Roast Coffee Analyser which garnered lots of interest.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and would also like to congratulate the Cafe Culture team for putting on a fantastic 4 day show. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners across the various categories.  We look forward to hosting our next event!

SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference 2015

It was a real eye opener to see the level of experience and professionalism at the recent SCAJ world Siphonist Championship Competition.

Hario played such a big role in supporting many of these competitors and the event itself. Congratulations to the Singapore Champion Ryan Tan. Hopefully Australia can place next year.

It's a wrap - The Coffee Experience 2015

The Bombora Crew has returned from a busy 3 days at The Coffee Experience held in Sydney's Moore Park. With our range of brewing gear constantly growing, there was a LOT of interest and positive feedback from all the enthusiastic coffee lovers that visited our stand.

A big thanks to Mecca Coffee Roasters, Glee Coffee Roasters and Fat Poppy Coffee for doing some amazing demos on our stand.

You guys did an awesome job of demonstrating how remarkable coffee can be using the different pour over methods, syphon and cold brew coffee.


We would also like to congratulate all the competitors, finalists and champions that took part in the numerous competitions throughout the show. And good luck to the finalists who move on to the next stages of competitions!

We look forward to continually growing our product range so we can offer the newest innovations, and the latest and greatest equipment, tools and toys the industry needs to produce that "perfect cup"!


Hunter Animal Rescue Fur Ball 2015

Believe it or not, coffee is not our only passion - we also love our pets! The weekend gave some of us from Bombora a great opportunity to do a little fundraising for a local animal rescue organisation by attending the "Fur Ball".  There were plenty of live and silent bids being placed, all for a great cause.  


Espresso Forge

The EspressoForge: a fascinating new addition to the collection of portable manual espresso equipment.  

Invented and fabricated by Andre Vornbrock, the EspressoForge resembles a bicycle pump to deliver a perfectly calculated shot of espresso.  It is manually powered, fabricated out of a solid 304 stainless steel piston which forces water through a commercial-sized 58mm basket with the right amount of pressure for  true and even espresso extraction.  As the brewer, you only need to keep an eye on the built-in manometer to adjust the downward force used.  

Keep an eye on our New Products section - the EspressoForge will be available very soon!  In the meantime, if you'd like to see it in action, Andre does a fascinating hands-on demo in this youtube clip:



MICE 2015 "It's a wrap!"

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2015 has come and gone, and with it another opportunity for the coffee industry to come together to showcase, promote and discuss all the latest findings and inventions for our industry. 

The upgraded Bombora stand this year promoted many of the suppliers who help make Bombora the industry's best-known "one stop shop". Bernard, Ray, Dave, Megan, Lyndsay and Joe were on deck making the most of the opportunity to spend time with our valued clients and talk all things coffee with anyone who dropped by! 

The Bombora stand had the usual "retail arena" where we had hundreds of tools and accessories ranging from the standard customer favourites through to some of the latest gadgets that baristas couldn't wait to get their hands on.

Alongside the tools and accessories we were able to accomodate the "Sweetbird Blend Bar", and James from Beyond the Bean flew in from the UK and was given the floor to demonstrate his expertise in the world of syrups, smoothies and iced teas.

We had the "Bombora Brew Bar" which was home to the boys from Industry Beans on Friday, the crew from Zimmah on Saturday and the lovely Fiona from Padre Coffee on Sunday.  The Brew Bar showcased the latest brewing gear that Bombora has to offer. It created a massive buzz around the stand, with various techniques being demonstrated across all brewing methods. 

We were also honoured to have Craig Hiron, who is the brains behind the development and manufacturing of "The Little Guy".  He was at our stand showing everyone that "The Little Guy" is far more than just a beautiful piece of brewing equipment.  He amazed the crowd of people by producing a delicate tasting espresso, long blacks, and milk-based drinks over the 3 day period.  

Bombora was also proud to have Richard from Espresso Supply, demonstrating and talking technical about some of the new gear that Bonavita is launching.  There was hype around the automatic pour over/Bruer that Bombora will be releasing over the coming months. Richard truly gave the crowd a taste of the latest in brewing technology - demonstrating the unique features that Bonavita has implemented to take the automatic brewing craze to a completely new level!

The Pullman Team made the Bombora stand home for the 3 days which was awesome!  Mark, Kerrie and Frank were able to showcase the wide range of Pullman tamps - from exquisite timber designs to colourful handles to those with well-known super heros, sporting teams, car manufacturers and other custom made designs...all the way through to a "gold plated materpiece" that created a lot of attention.

Doug and Barb from Orphan Espresso - the folks who brought us the Lido 2 hand grinder last year - had the spotlight when demonstrating their latest version: the Lido 3 hand grinder.  It gave people a talking point, as well as making them aware to stay up to date with all things Bombora.  We will be poised to launch the latest model as soon as manufacturing is complete!

Thanks again to everyone who dropped past the stand.  We hope to bring you another year of surprises and innovations - introducing the latest and greatest tools, accessories and gadgets from this amazing industry!

Rhinowares Handgrinder is gaining quite a following!

We can talk all we want about the Rhinowares handgrinder, but we're not the only ones impressed with it.

See what the buzz is in the industry about this handgrinder - its ideal capacity, ease of using and cleaning,

and its static-free ceramic burrs.


Click here to see what people worldwide are saying.

Rhinowares Handgrinder is the bomb!

When you add a new line of products, you hope that it will be as well received as you think it should be.  

Well the Rhinowares Handgrinder is making a real splash in the world of coffee lovers - and a far reaching one!  All the way over in Antwerp, Belgium they are raving about its affordability and ease of use. Check it out: Caffenation blog spot.


"Little Guy" Training

We were very excited to have Craig & Teya come to Bombora and provide some training on the great new product that is “The Little Guy”.

We learnt about the design, technology and how this quality crafted espresso maker system came to fruition. The hands on demonstration was highly impressive, which of course left us eager to sample a coffee from this great little espresso maker!

Everyone agreed it made a great coffee for a machine that takes less than an A4 size of space on the bench, and a process that takes about 15 minutes. What’s also great about The Little Guy is its portability – it’s compact and lightweight.

Equally impressive was how well it steamed the milk and the texture we were able to produce with it.

The jury’s in – it’s unanimous that this system works as beautifully as it looks, and we are looking forward to having it in our range!

The iDip Test Kit

The specialty coffee industry is always searching for ways to measure the many variables that influence the process of making that perfect cup of coffee.

Water quality is an important topic for the coffee industry ,not just for achieving the right balance for optimal flavour and a consistent extraction, but also for the impact the water has on the equipment. 

With each of the major filter brands pushing their own agenda, choosing the right water filter can be confusing, somewhat subjective and generally misinformed. 

Selecting the best filter for any situation should always be made with an informed decision; so the question to ask is "what's in the water?"

The iDip smart photometer gives the end user the power to easily monitor water quality.  It is portable, water proof and the first unit of its type that links to your iphone, Ipad or Android device.  With over 35 tests available it provides an accurate reading at a fraction of the cost of bench lab equipment with accuracy within 1 ppm!  The iDip smart photometer has been named one of the 100 most innovative technologies by R&D 100 2014 magazine.

There are a number of advantages to owning the iDip and testing water on a scheduled program:

- Water quality can be affected by environmental factors such as seasons, droughts, floods, town water management (the Turbidity test (NTU) can measure sediment which greatly affects the life & flow of a water filter)

- Filters which soften water have a limited life and output water requires measurement - Use the TH test

- Historical and accurate data can help with warranty claims & show duty of care

- It can help coffee & service businesses demonstrate to clients why they are charging to change a filter!

Another key issue is chlorides which is a major factor in corrosion.  With the trend towards stainless steel boilers & componentry in espresso machines, measuring the  chloride level becomes increasing important; the iDip measures sodium Chloride and from there Chlorides can be determined as a factor of 60% of this reading.

The iDip is simple to use:

- A contact can be selected from your device contact list and matched up with their equipment.  The built in GPS helps retrieve their site information

- Once the test is selected, just fill the reservoir and zero the reading.  Insert the strip over a 20 second period, gently waving back and forth.  The reading then displays on the device and saves on the contact card. 

- Each result can have notes added and this result can be emailed to the decision maker for servicing.

While there are many tests that can be performed, you only pay for and download the selected ones. Naturally Bombora Supplies has the expertise to fairly and independently recommend the best filter based on the results.  The iDip is empowering the industry by providing objective data to make the right decision!

The Coffee Experience

The Coffee Experience - and what an experience it was! Bernard, Megan, Dave, Joe, Ray and James from Beyond the Bean were all there to showcase the new and exciting range Sweetbird smoothies, syrups & iced teas!


With summer on its way, the Sweetbird smoothies and iced-tea syrups offer a quick, simple & high quality

product for cafes to serve their clients

Joe helped showcase our ever growing range of brew gear....with BonaVita, Yama Cold Brew, Toddy & Bruer all gaining positive feedback.

The Vivreau Sparkling Water from Brita got trialled for the three days and gets the thumbs up from us....

Aroma Festival - Sydney 2014

The Aroma Festival was held last weekend at The Rocks in Sydney for the seventeenth year in a row. The weather was the icing on the cake as close to a hundred thousand people turned out to enjoy some of the best food and coffee Sydney had to offer. The Latte Art Smackdown was won by Ben Morrow from St Ali in Melbourne. Second place was taken by Jordan Duffy from Newcastle, and third place was given to Jibbi Little from Sydney.


The Brita Vivreau

Last Friday our team was very excited to have Tim and Michael from Brita out for a visit.  They came to install our new BRITA Vivreau system!

The Vivreau provides a continuous flow of filtered, chilled still, and sparkling water.  So, needless to say, we are very passionate about our water and were very pumped to get this installed.  As they say "life is pretty flat without bubbles!"  

The system comes with some very straightforward instructions for set up, and in no time at all we had the system in and ready to go.  Below are a few pictures from the installation.  

Come and check it out for yourself at the Coffee Experience in Sydney from the 4th-6th of September.  We'll be at stands #62 and #80.


The Coffee Experience

We're on the move again - this time we'll be at the Coffee Experience which takes place from the 4th to the 6th of September in Sydney. Bernard, Ray, Megan, Joe and Dave will be there to show you what's new!  

We'd love it if you could join us at the Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney where we'll be hosting all kinds of new gear at stands 62 and 80.  Come and see us demo the Yama syphon brewing technology, pour over products such as Bona Vita and Chemex, cold brew systems, and our latest hand held brewers and grinders.  We will also be launching the well crafted Sweetbird range of syrups & smoothies  - showcased by James Shepherd of Sweetbird. ...And to top it all off, we'll be hosting a Brew Bar and a Blend Bar, so you can see, hear, learn and best of all, TASTE!  Sound exciting?  We think so!  Make sure you mark your calendars.


MICE Wrap up
Well another year has finished for MICE, and what a great show it was. All the stars of the coffee Industry came out to play and show us what they had to offer to the ever growing coffee industry!
The Bombora team was also just as eager to show the industry what we had to offer as Australia’s biggest 'one stop shop' for Barista Tools and Supplies.
Varied brewing methods have been the buzz of the industry, so we were excited to display our ever growing range of brewing gear.  We even had some of the industry’s best roasters, the lovely ladies from Padre coffee and the boys from Industry Beans, come and help on the stand to demonstrate how it’s done.  We were also very lucky to have some time with the man behind BonaVita, Brian Gross, whom we can’t thank enough for his efforts throughout the entire show. 
We had some "up and coming" products to showcase such as the Lido 2 Hand Grinder and the Cold Bruër, which both gathered some great feedback (measured by the post-show banging on the door for stock from our customers!)  We are excited for these to hit the industry!
A lot goes on behind the scenes at Bombora, so MICE is always a great forum to connect with all our loyal customers and also other like-minded people who are passionate about the industry and their trade.
Bombora continues to expand our range and stay on the leading edge of innovations in the coffee industry, so we are already planning ahead for MICE 2015.
What’s next ?…. Come see us in September at The Coffee Experience in Sydney to find out!
Cold Brew Drip the stylish way with Yama

Cold brewing is the best way to get a lower acidity level and greater smoothness in your brewed coffee.  And boy does it pack a punch!

Yama has many ways of achieving this desirable brew, from cold drip to syphon technology. It looks great in a cafe setting and has the taste to back up the looks.