EcoAqua Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filter - 847200

EcoAqua Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filter - 847200


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The EcoAqua EFF-6049A is a quality replacement water filter cartridge to suit all Fisher & Paykel Activesmart Integrated refrigerator models. This filter removes unwanted contaminants from your water supply to ensure that your refrigerator water and ice is clean and tastes great. 

If your Product Code starts with a 25xxx, you will need to order this filter. The 847200 and 847200-2 will also suit your fridge.
If your Product Code starts with a 24xxx, you will need to order the
836848 filter. The FPEXT, FPEXT-2, and the EFF-6017A filters will also suit your fridge.

This filter removes:

- 99% of chlorine taste and odour
- 99% of chloramine taste and odour
- 99.99% of cysts
- 97% of mercury
- 99% of asbestos
- 98% of lead

Technical Specifications:

- Capacity: 386 litres
- Temperature: 0.6 - 38 degrees Celsius
- Pressure: 25-120 psi
- Flow Rate: 1.89 Lpm
- Filter Life: Every 6 months or when the "Change Filter" light comes on.
- Micron Rating: 1 Micron

The EFF-6049A is compatible with the following Fisher & Paykel refrigerators:

- All RS9120W Activesmart Integrated Refrigerator Models
- RS9120WRJ1
- RS9120WLJ1
- RS9120WRU1


1. After removing the top kickstrip grille at the bottom of your refrigerator, remove the red protective cap on the spigot head and align the filter cartridge tool (this came with your refrigerator) over the filter handle.
2. Pull the freezer drawer out slightly and insert the filter cartridge and the filter cartridge tool into the bottom left of the refrigerator. Firmly push the cartridge in until the filter head cannot be pushed any further.
3. Turn 90 degrees clockwise to tighten. 
4. Remove the filter cartridge tool, close the freezer drawer, and replace the front kickstrip grille.  

Please note: It is not necessary to shut off the water supply when installing this water filter.

EcoAqua Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filter - 847200
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