LEARN | Features, Comparisons & Return on Investment: The Toddy Pro Series


Cold brew connoisseurs, Toddy, have recently added another coffee brewer to their expanding range: the Toddy Pro Series. This brewer comes in 10 Gallon (38 litre) and 20 Gallon (76 litre) sizes and features brewers-grade, food-safe stainless steel.


Designed specifically for large batches of cold brew coffee, the Pro Series is the perfect option for those wanting to increase their cold brew program in their café or roastery. The 10 gallon and 20 gallon brewers allow for larger batches of cold brew, without the need to take up more space using multiple smaller brewers.

The Pro Series has been designed to produce a large, consistent, and quality batch of cold brew coffee, with food safety and functionality in mind. One of its features is the false bottom (or indentation) at the base of the brewer. This indentation allows the filter platform to sit above the bottom of the brew chamber, with the coffee grounds on top. This ensures that you get the best yield possible when your brew is complete and you’re ready to drain your coffee. The filter platform works together with Toddy’s Tree-Free, compostable filter papers to ensure an even extraction. These papers are not prone to clogging, and ensure that your brew is clean and clear, and that free of stray coffee grounds.

Another feature on the Pro Series is the use of a threadless dispensing valve. This ball valve comes in three different parts and attaches to the unit using compression fittings, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-free seal. Toddy designed the Pro Series to include the threadless valve instead of a threaded valve to reduce the risk of coffee residue and grounds building up within the valve. This feature – along with no presence of any pockets, folds, corners, or threads – makes maintenance and cleaning easy on the Pro Series, and eliminates the risk of old coffee grounds and residue entering your fresh batch of cold brew.



When it comes to larger scale, cold brew equipment there are multiple options available on the market. One of these options includes the modification of home beer-brewing equipment to suit the needs of cold brew. While this might sound like a great option for some DIY-ers, it would be difficult to recreate the specific design elements and features of the Toddy Pro Series, with its false bottom, filter platform, and threadless dispensing valve.

The use of a filter platform and filter papers was an intentional design element on the Toddy Pro Series compared to other home brew equipment which use a mesh filter. Mesh filters can be hard to clean, with the potential to capture coffee grounds. Improper cleaning of the filter can result in the build-up of fine grounds and oils on the filter, which affect the flavour of your coffee. Mesh filters can also be prone to being damaged or punctured more easily than Toddy’s stainless steel filter platform, which may result in replacement costs. Finally, with a large amount of coffee and water needing to be drained through the filter, the flow can become very slow and may even stop. In some cases, a full extraction using alternative brewing equipment with a mesh filter has taken users up to 10 hours for a batch of cold brew to completely drain from the brewer. The design of the Pro Series filter system eliminates these issues and a quality brew, faster drainage, and an easy clean-up.

The Pro Series also includes with every brewer, Tree-Free paper filters (10 Pack), stainless steel brewing paddle, Brewing Guide, Toddy Cleaner, and a dispensing hose. With these inclusions, all you have to do is add your coffee and your water, and you’re ready to brew. While some other designs of brewing equipment may seem to cost less initially, the Pro Series is fit for purpose and will save many hours of lost labour trying to make something else work ideally for cold brewed coffee. Everything is ready and easy to assemble so that you can be up and brewing in no time, with no other set up costs involved.



The Toddy Pro Series can add value to your business, increase revenue, and both the 10 gallon and 20 gallon brewers can completely pay for themselves from the first or second batches. For example, 1 batch of cold brew in the 20 gallon brewer yields approximately 45.5 litres of coffee concentrate. This can then be diluted using one-part coffee to two-parts water, yielding 136.5 litres of coffee.  

If you sold your coffee in 12oz (355ml) cups with ice, you would only need to use 8oz (237ml) of cold brew per cup. If you used the entre batch of diluted cold brew coffee, using 237ml per cup, you could sell approximately 576 cups of coffee. If you sold your cold brew at $4.50 per cup, your gross sales from that one batch would equal approximately $2592. Assuming a modest 50% gross profit per serving, the cost of your Toddy Pro Series unit would be easily covered.


If you would like more information on the Toddy Pro Series cold brew system, or would like to see the Toddy Pro in action, give us a call on 1300 724 249 and speak to one of our sales staff. Alternatively, you can send us an email at sales@bomborasupplies.com.au - we have all the information you need to get your started and brewing like a pro in no time. If you would like to check out the whole product range from Toddy, click here