Water Articles


LEARN| An Overview of Water Testing

The first step in water testing is to identify what it is you are testing for. The quality of your water will depend on a number of factors. When protecting equipment and appliances we recommend testing for the following: calcium, magnesium, total hardness...

LEARN| Quality and Cost Benefits of Variable Bypass Heads

Variable bypass heads utilise technology that allow you to individually set your water filtration system to suit your water quality specific to your location. The heads can be set at increments (dependant on brand) from 0%-70% allowing you to filter 100% of all particulate matter and chlorine whilst bypassing a fixed percentage of the water away from the ion...

LEARN| Water Hardness

‘Hard’ water is the term commonly used to describe a quality of water which contains an above-average amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. Levels of water hardness vary significantly across Australia with some areas as low as ten parts per million (ppm), right up to areas of South Australia that are reaching...

LEARN| Types of Water Hardness

The degree of hardness in a water source is determined by its level of positively charged ions such as calcium and magnesium. These ions usually find their way into a water source by slowly dissolving and leeching over time from minerals such as calcite and gypsum that are found in aquafers, bores, river systems, and other natural water...

LEARN| What is Ion Exchange and How Does it Work?

In every water source, there are charged atoms or molecules called ions.  In your water supply, there are many different types of elements and therefore many different ions, such as magnesium ions and calcium ions. When there are above-average levels of magnesium and calcium ions in your water supply, the water is referred to...

LEARN| Why is Chlorine In Our Drinking Water?

Many people in the community may wonder as to why chemical elements such as Chlorine are introduced to our municipal drinking water. The aesthetically displeasing attributes that Chlorine brings to the taste, odour, and overall enjoyment of your water are enough to make some avoid it completely.

LEARN| The Importance of Water and Hydration

The water molecule is one of the most versatile structures known to exist. Comprising of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (H2O) it is commonly referred to as the supporter of life itself. Within the human body, water is the most abundant molecule present making up approximately 75% of our being (approximately 50-60 litres).

DOWNLOADABLE PDF Choosing a Filter for Your Home Coffee Machine

Water filtration is often overlooked, but it is a hugely important factor to be considered when purchasing a coffee machine for home use. Given that 90% of an espresso is made up of water, the chemistry of the water has a huge impact on the quality of  your coffee experience.